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Salvador Cabanas makes a spectacular comeback in Paraguay


Salvador Cabanas of Paraguay has made an incredible recovery one week after being shot in the head at close range in the bathroom of a posh bar in Mexico City. After the shooting, it appeared as though Cabanas was close to passing away, but he has remained strong and has maintained contact with his family. Additionally, Cabanas has been able to eat properly.

Even if doctors were unable to extract the bullet from Cabanas’ skull because they thought it would be too dangerous, the Club America striker has come a long way.

Now that Cabanas is awake, he could be willing to testify if investigators approach him. However, the gamer is still incredibly perplexed and has no idea why he is in the hospital.

Jose Jorge Balderas Garza, the primary suspect, was seen exiting the bathroom after the shooting by surveillance cameras at the pub.

Balderas Garza was purportedly detained by police in two erroneous reports that originated from Mexico. However, the local authorities have rejected them.

Cabanas was anticipated to play a significant role in the Paraguayan national team’s preparations for the 2010 World Cup, which would begin in South Africa in June.




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