South American Futbol - Libertadores, Sudamericana, World Cup 2010

FIFA: Brazil has reclaimed the top place in the world standings

Kaka continues to be Brazil's key player

Kaka, a midfielder, remains Brazil’s main offensive weapon.

world champions five times over In the FIFA global rankings, Brazil has recaptured the top place from Spain, moving back up to the top spot and ending the five-month reign of the defending European champions.

The top five also include world champions Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the Netherlands. Two-time World Cup champions Argentina moved up two spots to seventh place, while Chile, the next-best South American squad, fell two spots to fifteenth.

The same as last month, Uruguay, a two-time World Cup champion, continues to hold the 18th spot.

Paraguay (30th), Colombia (34th), Ecuador (36th), Venezuela (49th), Peru (53rd), and Bolivia round up the remainder of South America’s teams (67th).



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