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Predictions for the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage


South American Football thought it would be a good idea to share with you our predictions for the outcomes of each of the 48 group matches with the 2010 World Cup less than one month away. Since all 32 teams haven’t played as many practice games as they presumably would have wanted given that they are set to compete in the largest tournament in all of sports, it is obvious that they are very tough to evaluate.

The performances of the South American teams are our main concern, and based on the outcomes, we anticipated that all five teams would advance from the group stage, two of them as group winners and the other three as runners-up. Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile shouldn’t have too many issues in the group stage, and even if Brazil does play in a challenging group, the Selecao will undoubtedly move to the round of 16 stage. Although Uruguay was put in one of the most difficult groups, we think La Celeste will still advance.

The bad news for South American soccer fans is that there is a good chance that teams from the continent would play one other in the round of 16. (coincidence or not). Brazil playing Chile, like they did in the 1998 World Cup in France, would not be unexpected, and there is even a chance that Argentina and Uruguay may play each other in the River Plate rivalry.

Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France

June 11,

South Africa 1-1 Mexico

Uruguay 0-1 France

June 16,

South Africa 0-2 Uruguay

June 17,

France 1-1 Mexico

June 22,

Mexico 2-2 Uruguay

France 2-0 South Africa 

Standings: France 7, Uruguay 4, Mexico 3, South Africa 1

Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic and Greece

June 12,

Korea Republic 0-0 Greece

Argentina 3-1 Nigeria

June 17,

Argentina 2-0 Korea Republic

Greece 0-1 Nigeria

June 22,

Nigeria 2-1 Korea Republic

Greece 0 – 2 Argentina

Standings: Argentina 9, Nigeria 6, Korea Republic 3, Greece 1

Group C: England, United States, Algeria and Slovenia

June 12,

England 0-0 United States

June 13,

Algeria 1-1 Slovenia

June 18,

Slovenia 1-2 United States

England 2-0 Algeria

June 23,

Slovenia 0-2 England

United States 2-4 Algeria

Standings: England 7, Algeria 4, United States 4, Slovenia 1

Group D: Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana

June 13,

Serbia 1-1 Ghana

Germany 3-0 Australia

June 18,

Germany 2-0 Serbia

June 19,

Ghana 1-0 Australia

June 23,

Ghana 2-2 Germany

Australia 2-1 Serbia

Standings: Germany 7, Ghana 5, Australia 3, Serbia 1

Group E: Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and Cameroon

June 14,

Netherlands 1-1 Denmark

Japan 0-2 Cameroon

June 19,

Netherlands 3-0 Japan

Cameroon 0-2 Denmark

June 24,

Denmark 2-0 Japan

Cameroon 1-0 Netherlands

Standings: Denmark 7, Cameroon 6, Netherlands 4, Japan 0

Group F: Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia

June 14,

Italy 1-0 Paraguay

June 15,

New Zealand 1-3 Slovakia

June 20,

Slovakia 2-2 Paraguay

Italy 4-1 New Zealand

June 24,

Slovakia 0- 2 Italy

Paraguay 3-1 New Zealand

Standings: Italy 9, Paraguay 4, Slovakia 4, New Zealand 0

Group G: Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal

June 15,

Ivory Coast 1-1 Portugal

Brazil 3- Korea DPR 0

June 20,

Brazil 2-1 Ivory Coast

June 21,

Portugal 3-1 Korea DPR

June 25,

Korea DPR 1-4 Ivory Coast

Portugal 1-1 Brazil

Standings: Brazil 7, Portugal 5, Ivory Coast 4, Korea DPR 0

Group H: Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile

June 16,

Honduras 0-2 Chile

Spain 2-0 Switzerland

June 21,

Chile 1-1 Switzerland

Spain 3-0 Honduras

June 25,

Chile 2-2 Spain

Switzerland 1-2 Honduras

Standings: Spain 7, Chile 5, Honduras 3, Switzerland 1

Round of 16 Match-ups

*France vs Nigeria

England vs *Ghana

*Denmark vs Paraguay

* Brazil vs Chile

*Argentina vs Uruguay

*Germany vs Algeria

*Italy vs Cameroon

*Spain vs Portugal



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