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Transfers: Michel Bastos favors keeping Lyon and a chance for Brazil

Michel Bastos from Brazil plans to stay in Lyon

Michel Bastos, a highly-regarded Brazilian international who has drawn interest from several teams around Europe, has said that he wants to stay at Lyon. Bastos was crucial to Lyon’s Champions League win and is anticipated to be included in the Brazilian World Cup team in South Africa in 2010.

“They say I’m going to Italy or wherever, but I have no idea,” I said. I aim to stay in Lyon, where I’ve only been for a year. To be in the World Cup, I work for my club and try to offer everything I have,” Bastos told the French publication L’Equipe.

Bastos stated that he is sick of the rumors that other teams are pursuing him and that Lyon is dissatisfied with his performances this year.

“I don’t believe that to be true. They have a lot of faith in me. But if the coach and the president don’t want me, that’s their issue. I want to remain here.

Bastos, who scored the game-winning goal for Lyon against Montpellier over the weekend, is well-liked by Dunga and stands a solid chance of being selected for Brazil’s World Cup roster.



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